How to look amazing in your family photos (even if you hate being in them!)

It’s so important to exist in your family portraits. Remember that they are not just for you – they are for your children. One day they’ll look for you in your family portraits – will you be there? Here are some simple ways to look amazing in your family portraits – even if you don’t like being photographed.

Dress to suit your style and body shape.

My clothing advice to my clients (especially mums) is always to wear what you feel comfortable in. If you’re not into dresses, wear a plain top with jeans. If you’re into bold, bright colours, go for it! (but please make sure your family is dressed in a similar colour palette).

If in doubt, go for darker colours (black/grey/burgundy navy etc.). They have a slimming effect and look good on almost everyone. If you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll be able to relax and get some beautiful, natural family photographs.

Your photographs will become part of your family’s history, so it’s best to avoid fashion trends that will date, and keep your choices elegant and simple.

Denim and white maternity family photo

Lots of interaction.

Having photographed hundreds of portraits, I’ve learned that most people really don’t like having their photo taken (including myself)! It’s not a natural thing to stare at a camera and smile, so I always encourage lots of interaction and play at your family portrait session.

If you’re having a good time with your family, you’ll forget all about the camera and just enjoy the quality time with them, which results in beautiful, natural, unposed photographs. Your photos will now tell a story and show your true relationships and personalities. 

Generation family portrait in studio

Natural hair and make-up.

Keep your hair and make-up clean, fresh and natural. Remember, your family portraits are all about the relationships and the special connection you share with your family – not glitzy outfits or make-up. 

It’s all about the pose.

No, I’m not talking about hands on hips or pouting lips. A good family portrait photographer will know exactly how to direct you so that your body is positioned and posed in a way that accentuates your best features and flatters your figure.

Every body is different and lends itself to certain poses, e.g. sitting, standing, leaning or lying down. In your family portrait session, I will give you plenty of direction and strategically position you in your family portraits to create a flattering pose that will make you look and feel like a star.

Get into the good light.

A good family portrait photographer will know that light can be used to enhance or hide features. Your photographer’s ability to use the right lighting in the right way (in studio or outdoors), will ensure that you are photographed in a flattering way that will make you look amazing in your family photos.


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