What to wear to your outdoor maternity photography session

  • Wear something you’re comfortable in. This seems like an obvious point, but if you’re comfortable in your clothing you’ll relax and it will show in your maternity photographs. When in doubt, wear plain white.
  • Avoid heavy patterns and fashion trends. Your pregnancy photos are all about celebrating this exciting time in your lives (and showing off your bump) so your clothing should not detract from it. Your maternity photos will be a cherished memory for many decades to come, so your clothing should be simple and timeless.
  • Dress to show off your bump. For your maternity photos, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress, or if you want to show your bare belly, go for a skirt or jeans with a fitted top. If you’re comfortable in something sheer or lacy, that will look great in your maternity photos too.
outdoor maternity photo
Choosing neutral colours will ensure your maternity photos are timeless and elegant.
  • Bring a few outfit options to your shoot. This way, you can do a quick outfit change for some variety, and give us some options to see what will work best in your photographs.
  • Choose complementary outfits for your family. If you’d like to include your partner or other family members (kids, grandparents etc.) in your maternity photography session, choose complementary colours. For example, all pastels (baby blue/pink, tan, beige etc.), or all dark tones (dark brown, olive green, navy blue etc.). At all costs, avoid white t-shirts and jeans for everyone – this look went out in the 80s!
Pregnancy maternity outdoor photo shoot in forest
Choose complementary colours for other family members for your maternity photography session.
  • Keep your jewellery simple. Remember, the focus in your pregnancy photos is your bump and your love for this new life, so opt for no jewellery or simple and elegant pieces.
Choosing simple, neutral outfit colours will ensure your family portrait artwork will match your home decor.

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