7 ways to rock your maternity photography session

Being pregnant is something that only happens a few times in a mother’s life. It’s such a fleeting time and so special as the excitement and anticipation builds before you welcome your new baby into the world.

Like with your newborn photos, a maternity photography session is so special because it goes by so quickly and it’s so important to document this time in your life. Maternity photos tell the story of the beginning of your new adventure into parenthood. Here are some tips to make sure your maternity photography session goes smoothly and gives you photographs that you will cherish forever.

Book your maternity photography session 1-2 months before your due date

Having your maternity photos well before your due date is a good idea in case your baby comes early. It’s also a good idea to have your maternity photos 1-2 months out because the last few weeks can be very uncomfortable for some women. I remember when Cath was pregnant with Macy (our first), she could barely walk in the last few weeks because her back was so sore.

Book as soon as your have your 12 week scan

So that you can secure your photographer, it’s a good idea to book your maternity photography session and newborn photography session as soon as you have your 12 week scan and get the all-clear from your obstetrician.

Your photographer will be flexible based on when you actually have the baby and if you feel your belly is showing enough to have your maternity photography session.

Think about how you want to display your photos

Most of our maternity clients tend to purchase smaller artworks such as desktop-sized prints and albums. When the baby comes along they purchase some artwork for the wall such as a collage or canvas collection, which includes their newborn.

Think about where you want to display your photos – on the wall, in an album etc.

Book a newborn photography session

Continue your family’s story with a newborn photography session. As I mentioned earlier, the best time to book this is after your 12-week scan. I love capturing the story from bump to baby and including it in an album or wall art.

Have your maternity photography session at dusk or early morning

The first and last hour of daylight will give you soft, warm, flattering light for your maternity photos. There is less glare at sunrise and sunset compared to the middle of the day so you’ll be squinting less and feel more comfortable. It’s also a cooler part of the day which is really helpful in the warmer months. I remember Cath getting very hot and bothered towards the end of her pregnancies!

I photograph all my maternity sessions at a local park which is secluded and private, and has a beautiful grove of trees, big rocks, and a river running beside it for a maternity beach vibe. So it’s easy to get a range of scenery without walking too far, which is definitely a plus for pregnant mums!

I also offer maternity photography sessions in my private Miranda studio if you prefer that look (or if the weather turns on the day).

outdoor maternity photo
Having your maternity photo shoot at dawn or dusk ensures beautiful, soft light.

Wear something you’re comfortable in (but still dressy)

If you’re not a dress wearer, go for a top and jeans. Don’t be afraid to use colours if that’s what you’re into! If you are wearing a vibrant colour it’s best to choose a solid colour rather than a heavy pattern which can be distracting in your maternity photos. Otherwise you can’t go wrong with neutral, earthy tones or just plain white. A light floral pattern is fine too. Floral headbands are popular for a boho touch. Remember your maternity photos are timeless and trends come and go, so when it doubt keep it plain and simple.

Wear something you’re comfortable in (but still keep it dressy)

Include your partner and other kids

Bring your partner along to your maternity photo session – after all, they are part of your family and will be a big part of your child’s life. If you already have kids, bring them along too. With some kids you can get a belly kiss photo which is guaranteed to melt anyone’s heart. Make sure to get some photos alone too including some close ups of your baby bump. Feel free to bring your pet dogs and cats too!

Include your partner and other kids in your maternity photos to tell your complete family story.

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