Celebrating World IVF Day 2023 in family portraits

Since today is World IVF Day, I feel it’s a good time to share Mel’s story with you. Mel had gone through 23 rounds of IVF over six years, and finally got her golden child, Jordan.

She was unable to get newborn photos done due to the pandemic, so by the time we got to do their shoot, he was 3 years old.

Jordan is a cheeky, spark plug of a kid who’s obsessed with bubbles and just loves getting tickled, kissed and tossed around by his mum and dad.

It was a privilege to capture this huge achievement in their lives, and the intense love that these three share as a family.  Here are some of the images from their studio family photo shoot.

Mel chose to display her family portraits in these gorgeous hand-crafted black and white frames:


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