3 Reasons Why Today is the Day to Book a Family Photo Shoot

Many people would like to book a family photo shoot but keep putting it off. Unfortunately, some of them never get around to doing it and end up regretting that decision down the road. Here are three reasons why now is the time to book in for your family portraits.

It may never be the perfect time

Many people choose to wait to get family portraits done because they tell themselves they want to get in shape first. I get it, these pictures will be hanging in your walls, people will see them, you will see them, and you want to look nice in them.

Ask yourself this, though: do your kids care what you look like? When they look at their family portraits in the years ahead, how will they feel when they see you in them? What do you think is more important to them: the way you look or the fact that you’re present? As a family portrait photographer, my job is the pose you, direct you, and put you in the most flattering light possible. I also give you advice on hair, makeup, and clothing, so you look and feel amazing in your family portraits.

We won’t be here forever

We don’t like to admit it, but we and the people we love won’t be around forever. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, which is why it’s so important to book a family photo shoot as soon as possible.

I love doing family photo shoots with multiple generations of the same family, because that really brings the whole family together. It helps to capture the bond between your parents and your kids, because they do have a very special bond, just as you do with them.

Documenting growth

As a dad of three young girls, I know myself how easy it is to get swept up in everyday life. Before you know it, they’ll be in primary school, then in high school, then leaving home. Now is the time to capture your family as you are right now. Families with younger children often come back for annual portraits to document their growth. They make a wall or an album of their children as their family grows and progresses.

If you’d love to have your family photographed as they are, right now, click here to book in your family photo shoot.


Hey, I'm Jay. I'm a dad of 3 gorgeous girls and a blue Staffy named Bonnie. I love photographing beautiful families just like yours. Are you ready to book in a family portrait session? Fill out your details and I'll give you a call.

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