How to prepare for your newborn photography session

Here are a few tips to help you get amazing pictures and have a memorable, fun experience at your newborn photography session.

Check your nails

I photograph a lot of close ups and details at your newborn photography session so it’s important for everyone to have well groomed nails. If you’ve got other kids, rub any stamps off their hands, and for girls, remove any coloured nail polish. Dad should cut and file his nails and remove any dead skin (I’m looking at you, tradies). For mum, clear, clean nails look best or a neutral/nude nail polish.

Check everyone’s nails so your newborn detail photos will look great.

Hair and make-up

Being a new mum will make you feel like a hero for even making it to the shower each day. Take a few minutes for yourself prior to your newborn photography session, and you’ll look and feel great on the day. Check out this video where I sit down with a professional hair and make-up artist (and mum) and talk about 3 easy skincare tips for new mums.

Take a little time for yourself before your session to look after your skin for the best possible photos.

Bring a couple of outfit options

Wondering what to wear to your newborn photography session? Keep it simple. Your photos are all about the connection and love you have in your family; you want these photos to be timeless and elegant.

You can’t go wrong with white (polo or dress shirt with chinos or jeans for the guys, and a dress or nice top for you and your girls). Pastel colours work well (dusty pink, powder blue etc.) and earthy tones (olive green, navy blue etc.).

Bring a few options so we can mix and match and do a few different looks. Wear something you feel comfortable in so you can feel relaxed in your family photos.

For bub, if you have a favourite outfit feel free to bring it along, but they will mostly be wrapped up (I provide the wraps and headbands).

Newborn family portrait in studio
Soft colours and whites give your newborn photos a fresh, timeless feel.

Take your time

A lot of time at your newborn photography session will be spent feeding, nursing and settling your baby. Your time in the studio will be relaxing, slow paced and led by your baby. I take a range of photos, including family together, mum with bub, dad with bub, baby alone, siblings with baby and siblings alone.

Think about your artwork

Take a look around your home. Where would you like to display your family photographs? I offer everything from wall collections, to individual framed prints, to handmade storybook albums. I’ll take you through all the different options when you come in.

Think about where you want to display your newborn photos – on the wall or in an album.

If you take a little time to prepare for your newborn photography session, you’ll come away with a wide range of beautiful photographs to treasure forever. I can’t wait to see you in the studio soon.


Hey, I'm Jay. I'm a dad of 3 gorgeous girls and a blue Staffy named Bonnie. I love photographing beautiful families just like yours. Are you ready to book in a family portrait session? Fill out your details and I'll give you a call.

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