Session Information

Session information

Please read this information carefully so you can have a great family portrait session with images you absolutely love.

What to Wear

Hair, Makeup and Nail Polish
  • Please put on makeup and have your hair done nicely.
  • If you have long hair it usually looks better to have it down for the photos.
  • Bring a hairbrush with you
  • If you are wearing nail polish, please keep the colour neutral.
  • If you have bright or cracked nail polish please remove it (make sure to check the kids too!)
The Studio

Our studio address is 2/800 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland 2232. We are upstairs next to the medical centre. Press the buzzer next to the door. Note that there is one flight of stairs, but I’ll meet you downstairs to help with prams and bags.

What to Bring
  • Food/bottles. Bring some dry snacks and water.
  • Dummy
  • Bribes for the kids (chocolate, toys, cash etc.)
  • Favourite toys to get attention (especially for kids 1 and under)
Viewing and ordering your Photos

Jay will do a basic edit on the photos which takes around 15 minutes. You are welcome to stay in the studio in this time.

Jay will then sit with you and guide you through choosing and ordering your favourite images. You can learn more about the products we offer and starting prices here.

It is best for all decision makers to be at the design consultation, so you can both decide on the prints you wish to order. You will be placing and finalising your order on the day. Payment can be made via EFT or with VISA/MasterCard, and for larger orders we offer payment plans.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

– Jay

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